30deg, 4X302mm 2.7X302mm Veterinary Cystoscope
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30deg, 4X302mm 2.7X302mm Veterinary Cystoscope


Cystoscopy is indicated in many small animal patients, includes presenting with chronic cystitis, pollakuria, hematuria, stranguria, incontinence, trauma, calculi and abnormal radiographs. Use of cystoscopes in male requires either a perineal urethroscopy or the transabdominal approach. The transabdominal approach may also be indicated in female. 

30deg, 4X302mm 2.7X302mm Veterinary Cystoscope

C4030 4 x 302mm
C2730 2.7 x 302mm

Indications for vaginoscopy and colposcopy (endoscopy of the cervix) include vaginal discharge, bleeding, masses, trauma, incontinence, foreign body removal and stranguria as well as artificial insemination.30deg, 4X302mm 2.7X302mm Veterinary Cystoscope



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