Surgical Neurosurgery Cranial Bur Drill
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Surgical Neurosurgery Cranial Bur Drill

  • 2105

  • Orthopedic

  • Reusable

  • Adult

  • 155°c

  • /

  • /

  • Carton Lined with Foam

  • China

  • Surgical Needle & Hook

  • Steel

  • CE, FDA

  • 0-40000

  • Below 40

  • /

  • EndoTop

  • SGS

  • 9018903000

Surgical Neurosurgery Cranial Bur Drill


Neurosurgery cranial bur attachment
1. Handpiece can drive a variety quick connects.
2. Assembled and disassembled easily.

Neurosurgery cranial bur attachment

Application: Neurosurgery cranial bur attachment
For application in brain surgery.
With the perfect shape of ergonomic design, whole unit is autoclavable, motor is imported, low noise, high speed, long service life. The machine is warranty for 1 year.

Advantages: Neurosurgery cranial bur attachment
1. Our whole power tool can be autoclavable.
2. We can autoclavable for 135 ° C (Improved type ≤ 155 ° C), with 1.6Mpa, in this way the bacilli and virus which can not killed by the suffocating will be killed.
3. We use environment friendly nickel-metal hydride battery.
4. The machine has very low noise.
5. Our products has 1 year warranty period.
Output power /
Speed(r.p.m)  0-40000
Oscillations (osc/min)  /
Torque(Nm) /
Operation(V) voltage /
Sterilization 155°C
Swings (°)  /
Noise(db)  ≤40

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