Veterinary Otoscope Ear Rigid Endoscope
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Veterinary Otoscope Ear Rigid Endoscope


Veterinary Otoscope Ear Rigid Endoscope

Veterinary Otoscope Ear Rigid Endoscope
Veterinary Otoscope Ear Rigid Endoscope

This Otoscopy set shall be also used with light source, Camera together for Diagnose and Operation for ear, nose, Orthopedics of animals like Dog, Cat, Bird, sheep, fish etc.

All of them produced with medical standard stainless steel by modern CNC machine, high presion and long life. Endoscope made of schott glass, schott fiber, Germany glue etc, produced according to high speed rod lens system. Image is quite clear, wide angle, deep depth, low distortion, natural.

Owing to our good quality, best service and competitive price, we have many OEM clients in Germany, USA, Canada etc. Welcome to contact with us for any endoscopy purchasing, lens production, all major brand endoscope repairs, customized endoscopy business. Any comments or suggestions to us, please don't hesitate to inform us!

Item No.                      Name                                            Specification
 O5008 Otoscope   0deg,5x85mm,with intergrated sheath(2mm channel)
 O5300  Biopsy forceps  4.5Fr,230mm long
 O5301  Alligator grasping forceps  4.5Fr,230mm long 

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