Medical Stop Bleeding Harmonic Scalpel
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Medical Stop Bleeding Harmonic Scalpel


Medical Stop Bleeding Harmonic Scalpel
Medical Stop Bleeding Harmonic Scalpel
Medical Stop Bleeding Harmonic Scalpel
System Description

The UHS15 System utilizes ultrasonic energy to enable haemostatic cutting and/or coagulation of soft tissue. The system consists of an ultrasonic generator, a foot switch, an optional hand switching adaptor, a hand piece and a tranducer,it's with pump function.

Technical Parameter

Host Voltage Frequency Power Absorption Current Fuse
55K 220 to 240 50 to 60 260 1.6A T 5 A


Protection Grade   I
Electromagnetic Adapt Grade EN 60601-1-1-2  IEC 601-1-2
Medical Device Directive   II
Application BF
Mode of Operation Continuous Operation
Noise  ≤60db
Weight 20Kg
Dimension 495mm x 194mm x 405mm
Energy Set 10-100%
Ultrasound Frequency 55kHz ± 4kHz
Power(Master control unit) <300W

When treatment,recycling of wast liquid and wounds cleaning to avoid infection.Collection of waste liquid can be used for medical research.Mainly used for surgical removal of all human body tissues except bone excision and tubal ligation operation.


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